HardPrime… Hardening for DevOps

Ok, so you need to launch a production AWS instance, you need it security hardened, and you need it fast. Imagine a tool that lets you select a hardening ruleset from the many available… that provides on-board information for every rule, and lets you turn those rules on and off… to suit your unique needs. Boy, that would make hardening easy.

HardPrime will get you up and running. We make hardening quick, custom, and easy. Choose from standard hardening rulesets like C2S (a CIS Clone), HIPAA, CJIS, NIST-800, CCP, VPP, PCI-DSS and more, . Create your own selection using a select and click interface built for Linux… mix and match rules from every ruleset.

HardPrime “Scans, Fixes, Scans, Reports,” meaning it is predicated on scanning for a vulnerability, applying the associated fix, and scanning again for success. Reports document all of HardPrime’s actions, all scan-fix-scan information, and all documentation on all of the rules selected. Get up and running quickly while making the security guys happy.

Hardening systems used to be confined to the Linux experts in the deep recesses of the basement. Now you can do it for pennies with HardPrime.

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