HardPrime for DevOps Teams

Practicing DevOps methodologies means you straddle the fence between “Dev” who builds features fast, “Ops” who wants to keep things running, and “Sec” who wants to be compliant with security policy.  HardPrime helps DevOps teams make decisions and harden servers quickly, with quality and compliance in mind.

User Experience…

HardPrime acts on a vanilla cloud server, right in my terminal.  I zoom my terminal window a bit, and HardPrime’s TUI fills it with everything I need to know.  It scans the server, highlights risk, scores complexity.It provides full manual pages, in-context, to help me make decisions.  It performs my hardening selections and verifies each selection so I’m sure.HardPrime then wraps the whole thing in a beautiful report set, for discussion with my team.  And if we have to tweak it and run it again, HardPrime will make that easy and quick.

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