HardPrime Support

HardPrime endeavors to provide excellent customer service.  Our low-cost product lines will provide both self-service support using FAQs and Tutorials, as well as, eMail Support Ticket service.  Telephone service is not available at this time, and may be added for premium support packages in the future.

HardPrime Server Instance Image Help

HardPrime is delivered through Server Instance Images.  Each base Operating System has HardPrime preinstalled for you.  These Server Instance Images are delivered via Cloud Marketplaces like Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, and Google’s Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.  Please visit the links provided on this page.

HardPrime Server Instance Help

HardPrime is installed on these Server Instance Images, so provisioning any new Server Instance from these images will produce a new, fresh copy of the operating system with HardPrime installed.  No other system modifications are done, except HardPrime’s small footprint install.

HardPrime Application Help

HardPrime’s User Manual is included, in-context, with every copy of the HardPrime TUI application.  Each screen of HardPrime includes in-context help, simply press “?” to access just the help you need on the screen you’re viewing.

HardPrime Rules & RuleSet Help

HardPrime’s User Manual includes thousands of screens for help on RuleSets and Rules.  As you browse or select RuleSets and Rules, simply press the “?” to view help on each Rule or RuleSet that you’ve highlighted.  Help includes full descriptions, risk scoring, and mitigation details. This help is in-context to the information you’re viewing.  HardPrime includes the functionality of a Rule Browser for decision making support.

HardPrime LIcensing Help

HardPrime’s licensing is included in your Cloud Marketplace provisioning.  All HardPrime licensing is broken out in your monthly Cloud provider billing statement.  HardPrime uses marketplaces exclusively for our billing service, we never bill directly.

HardPrime Error Reporting Help

HardPrime’s Quality Assurance teams are constantly scouring our software for errors, but a few will slip by.  If you’ve found an error in our software, please submit a ticket to help us improve HardPrime. Gather the steps you took and any other clues, so we can reproduce your error.  Open a support ticket so we can track its resolution.

Contact Us

You can contact us for any other reason or opportunity.  Please use the Support Ticket form for tracking. Contact Us inquiries don’t use our tracking system.

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