HardPrime for InfoSec & Compliance Teams

Security and InfoSec Teams are charged with herding enterprise cats.  They play a compliance checking role in the enterprise.HardPrime can be given to project teams to ensure their environments are compliant.  Enterprise documentation is generated for each project teams’ needs.

Customer Experience…

As a Security Team, we’re charged with Technical Compliance of all systems.  When you consider the growth of our company and all of the various divisions racing forward, advising them on compliance and security is a lost cause.  We end up being the gatekeeper to production, making sure production apps are secure. HardPrime has allowed us to get involved early and advise projects, rather than just be the bearer of bad news at the end of their coding.  HardPrime gives them risk assessment, a hardening plan of action, and full documentation for our compliance needs.

Jonathan D, Fortune 500 Enterprise Security Architect

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